Nigeria Female Doctor Tells America Covid-19 Cure, Donald Trump Supports Her.

The Vibrant Nigeria Female Doctor Tells America to wake up, claims Covid-19 has a cure. We don’t need to Die anymore.

The Nigeria Female Doctor made this known in a meeting with health staff of the United States of America (NHS Coronavirus Health Workers). She said she has treated Old people, diabetic patient without any death recorded. People that over 80 and 90 years were treated by me. So far I have treated over 350 patients without any death recorded. I used hydroxy chloroquine, Zinc to treat them and they get better.

I can see people scared to die and I wouldn’t risk their lives waiting for a data, she added. She went further by calling all doctors that are waiting for data analysis, saying if the patients dies there is no coming back to live for argument. If you treat anybody with the drugs I mentioned and they die then you can come at me.

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I’ve received a lot of threats and many people are planing on killing me but I don’t care, she added. I don’t want Americans to die anymore, enough is enough, Americans don’t need to die anymore, there’s a cure. She also talked about those putting on face mask saying it’s not really a visa of being safe from the virus. Watch video:


However, this video got the attention of the United States of America president, Donald Trump. Many people hopes this is really true as Said.

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