Tips For Graduating With A First Class Result

  • No doubt, the Joy of gaining admission in any institution of higher learning is accompanied with the feeling of Independence and maturity. Nonetheless, the need to make the best of¬† your result is very alarming. As the name implies, first class which means it’s not for all. Only those who prove to be worthy will bag out such a result. I congratulate you on your admission and if you are yet to gain admission I congratulate on getting to read this wonderful piece of advice. Current Undergraduate are also encouraged to read through this article. How will I make a First Class Result and graduate with it? Not getting a first class result is different from graduating with a first class result. The key consistency is highly appreciated for this course. Read on while keys to Making the best of result are being given out.
  • First and foremost, you have to acknowledge the power of God almighty and trust in him. On getting to campus you’ll need to pray for good health, strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and directions to meet the right People.
  • Select your friends and move with the right people. Who are the right people? This are the people who have the same Vision as you to excel academically.
  • Know yourself. Many students on getting to campus feel intimidated by the night and excess reading of their peers which isn’t the best for them. Know when you assimilate best and work effectively at those times. Take a break from study when tired but always make sure you accomplish your aim.
  • Always pay attention in class. Most first student I know avoid distractions during lecture because during lectures you’ll get to know what the lecturer wants from you during the exam and even you’ll get to know about 60% of his/her questions if you are a good listener.
  • Don’t answer questions In class rather ask. This is for the freshman that always want to show off their intelligence after scoring 300+ in JAMB and 9 distinctions in WAEC. Many good student from secondary school with this show off attitude end up graduating with poor grades as they are seen in one reading hall or another explaining to people thereby giving little or no time for Study. Little wonder, most best graduating student aren’t with the best JAMB score.
  • Limit social life and read everything: Yes you’re making a sacrifice, you can’t eat your cake and have it back a wise person once said. Tit for tat. You’ll have to limit your Social life and concentrate on studying. Read everything means, for those in secondary school that will read here and say the teacher won’t ask this part. My dear friend the university is not like that most of the questions come for places you ignored reading. Understand every diagram and derivations. Ask questions where needed from those you feel knows better it won’t hurt you or your grades ūüėČ lower your ego and also sort for materials relevant online from YouTube and others.
  • Form study group if you can it makes your work more simpler, brainstorm together, ask yourselves questions, form questions within the scope of your study. PS: in your study group¬† even if you know the answer to a question still ask you’ll get the other person’s approach to a particular question
  • Attend Tutorials if you can it’ll help. Although I hate attending tutorials, if you are like me stay in your hostel and read.
  • Set goals towards your GPA and reading schedule. You must learn to set and pray towards a particular GPA at the start of each semester and work towards it. Like a first class student that I’m I ensure to finish up all my syllabus two weeks before the lecture free week i.e (a week before exam). Most students fall ill during exam period due to excessive reading and they end up performing poorly in Exams due to low preparations.
  • Lastly, read like there is no God and pray like there is no book. Never forget to stand when others are sitting, stand out when others are standing and be outstanding when others stand out.
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